Creek to Bay Cleanup: Rewards and Contests

Bling Your Bucket Contest

I Love A Clean San Diego invites you to show off your creativity and help reduce waste at this year’s Creek to Bay Cleanup! To enter, decorate a bucket to bring to the cleanup and use instead of a plastic bag, take a photo, and submit to I Love A Clean San Diego at See details below.

How to Participate:

  • Decorate a bucket to use at the Creek to Bay Cleanup
  • Your bucket must be used instead of a plastic bag
  • Submit a picture of yourself at the cleanup with your bucket by June 30, 2020 to
    • Please include the contestant’s name, age (or “adult”), phone number and zip code in the email
    • AND, post your photo on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #CreektoBayBling and @ILoveACleanSD

Rules and judging:

  • You must participate in the 2020 Creek to Bay Cleanup to enter the Bling Your Bucket contest.
  • Judging will take place after the event
  • Winners will be notified via email
  • Pictures of winners will be displayed on the Creek to Bay website at

By using decorated buckets instead of single-use plastic bags, participants are able to use their creativity and expression to help spread awareness about the importance of keeping our waterways, beaches, and ocean free from marine litter. Winners will receive fun prizes and have their picture posted on the Creek to Bay website for a year!

‘Big-E(nvironment) Smalls’ Contest

I Love A Clean San Diego challenges you to fill a jar with small plastic pieces from your neighborhood blocks and do so with style! Trash comes in all shapes and sizes and while it is more common to dispose of the larger pieces of trash (bottles, to-go containers, granola bar wrappers) during cleanups, it is just as important to collect the smaller pieces. It is the tiny micro plastics, less than 5 millimeters in length, that are dramatically affecting our oceans and the wildlife that mistake these sesame seed size plastics as food! We challenge you to gather enough small pieces of plastic and debris to fill an entire jar and divert this waste from making it into our ocean! To enter, decorate a jar from your kitchen (put those peanut butter jars to use!), collect small pieces of plastic waste from your block to fill the jar, take a photo and tag us on Instagram at @ILoveACleanSD and use #BigESmalls.

How to participate:

1. Find an old jar in your house! – Grab an old peanut butter jar, mason jar, pasta sauce jar, whatever you can find! Your jar must be used instead of a plastic bag.
2. Decorate your jar! Get creative with items in your house – old clothing that can be cut up, paint, any string or ribbon lying around, dyed pasta shells, dried flowers, etc.!
3. Head outside and fill this Big-E Jar with the smalls! As you walk your block, collect tiny trash and plastic pieces you find during your cleanup – the challenge is to fill the jar to the top! Any pieces the size of a quarter or smaller qualify as micro-plastic and can we collected in your jar.
4. Post a photo of your full jar on social media, tag @ILoveACleanSD and use #BigESmalls to enter the contest on June 20th!
5. Winner will be announced on 6/24 – Get creative! Winner will be the most creative Big-E Smalls Jar that is filled to the top with micro plastic! Contest winner will receive prize and re-post on I Love A Clean San Diego’s Instagram!

Rules & Judging:

• You must participate in the 2020 Creek to Bay Virtual Cleanup to enter the Big-E Smalls contest.
• Judging will take place after the event and winner will be announced the following week.
• Winners will be notified via Instagram messenger by Wednesday 6/24.

Scout Patch Program2020 Patch I Love A Clean San Diego Patch Set

I Love A Clean San Diego is proud to offer scout troops and interested volunteers a commemorative patch set to recognize your volunteerism and participation in I Love A Clean San Diego’s programs and events throughout 2020.

This is a 5-piece patch made up of one center patch and 4 rockers to encourage you to explore the wide variety of opportunities we provide to fulfill our vision of a zero waste, litter-free, and environmentally engaged San Diego region.

The center patch is included with all requests (unless otherwise noted), and the rockers are available for events and programs in 2020 only:

    • Creek to Bay (June 20),
    • Coastal Cleanup Day (September 26),
    • Zero Waste Workshops, and
    • Volunteer work (Watershed Warriors and other cleanups/events, Adopt-A-Beach, Storm Drain Stenciling, Independent Cleanup, and more!).

How to Participate:

  • You must have event registration verification to qualify for a patch.
  • Fill out The Patch Order Form!
  • Participating in the Creek to Bay Cleanup on Saturday, June 20 will earn you the Creek to Bay rocker!
  • You can find all available events and opportunities on our website at