Volunteer Programs

Volunteers perform a valuable service for I Love A Clean San Diego (ILACSD) by helping us to raise public awareness throughout the community, and they are instrumental in achieving our mission. Working together, we can do what it takes to protect and enhance our environment!

Each year, more than 32,000 volunteers are active in ILACSD's volunteer programs, including the following:

Coastal and Inland Cleanups

ILACSD's Community Programs Department coordinates monthly cleanup events both on the coast as well as in local creek beds, canyons, open space parks and everywhere in between. In 2015 alone, ILACSD conducted over 245 cleanups across San Diego County and successfully removed nearly 500,000 pounds of debris. The purpose of these small-scale events is to give volunteers a better sense of how debris negatively impacts our local environment. Volunteers see first-hand how trash makes its way from inland communities all the way to the coast through San Diego County's vast watershed system. Volunteers of all ages are invited to participate in these cleanups, however some sites may require more experienced volunteers than other sites.

Creek to Bay & Coastal Cleanup Day

Twice a year, ILACSD coordinates countywide cleanup events that make a huge impact on the health of our local environment in a single morning. In April and September, volunteers gather at more than 100 cleanup sites countywide to remove trash and beautify the local community. These cleanups often involve additional service projects based on local needs. ILACSD has been coordinating Coastal Cleanup Day in San Diego County for more than 20 years. ILACSD's signature cleanup, The Creek to Bay Cleanup, began in 2003 and volunteers removed their one millionth pound of trash as part of the annual event in 2010.

Storm Drain Stenciling

I Love A Clean San Diego partners with the City of San Diego Storm Water Department - Think Blue to stencil storm drain inlets in the City of San Diego. Volunteers use paint and stencils to create the message "NO DUMPING" on sidewalks, parking lots and any other places with storm drain inlets. See our Storm Drain Stenciling page for more information about how you can get involved in preventing pollution.


I Love A Clean San Diego is the San Diego County coordinator of the statewide Adopt-A-Beach program and is by far one of the organization’s most popular volunteer programs. This program is great for groups who want to participate in volunteer work on an ongoing basis that is based on their schedule. This flexible and independent program allows volunteers to choose the location, date, and time of their cleanups. Volunteers are encouraged to perform at least three cleanups per year. While the name suggests that only beaches are available for adoption, there are also a number of inland locations available for adoption including two new sites, Dixon Lake and Kit Carson Park. Visit the Adopt-A-Beach website to learn more about adopting a local beach or inland area.

Corporate Teambuilding

Looking for a fun team building event for your employees, or a way to show your company's dedication to the environment? I Love A Clean San Diego assists local businesses to coordinate team building cleanups at local beaches & inland areas. We provide comprehensive event planning, coordination, marketing and supplies for a small fee. For more information, please see our easy to read Team Building Cleanup factsheet. If you would like I Love A Clean San Diego to coordinate a cleanup for your business, please contact Moriah Saldaña by phone at 619.704.2782 or email.

For a current listing of events, please visit our Calendar.

I Love A Clean San Diego organizes cleanups throughout San Diego County.  Beach cleanups are very popular, as they celebrate San Diego's amazing climate and pristine coastline.  ILACSD also coordinates inland cleanups at parks, lakes, and other recreation areas that are littered with debris.  These cleanups are open to the public, and volunteers of all ages are encouraged to participate.

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