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As one of San Diego County’s oldest and largest nonprofit environmental education organizations, I Love A Clean San Diego (ILACSD) promotes awareness of environmental issues including resource conservation, waste reduction, recycling, community enhancement, and pollution prevention.  A diversified organization operating throughout San Diego County, ILACSD offers a broad range of expertise in public education and outreach, event coordination, and community relations. 

13th Annual Creek to Bay Cleanup Event Sponsorship

April 25th, 2015 from 9 AM to Noon

What is the Creek to Bay Cleanup?

  • Countywide event with over 80 cleanup locations, each staffed by trained volunteer site captains 
  • Engages community members in removing debris from San Diego’s beaches, waterways, canyons, and parks 
  • More than 65% of the cleanup sites are inland - emphasizing the fact that almost 80% of marine debris originates inland

All of these areas are integral parts of San Diego’s eleven watersheds, and every piece of litter is a potential piece of marine debris. Inland volunteers help to illustrate one of the event’s key messages: 

We are connected to the coast and oceans by our rivers, streams, and storm drains.  The solution to ocean pollution is litter prevention and protection of all areas throughout the watershed. 

Last year at the 12th Annual Creek to Bay Cleanup over 5,000 dedicated volunteers cleaned 224 miles of shoreline and inland areas at 96 sites, removing a total of 191,000 pounds of debris! The event continues to grow in popularity each year, as the environmental message spreads throughout San Diego County.

Why Support the Creek to Bay Cleanup?

Environmental work is more important now than ever, as evidenced by society’s growing interest in, and reliance upon, our natural resources and open spaces including California’s rivers, bays, and coastlines. The health of our ocean and waterways directly impacts the success of California’s business interests, and ultimately the economy. Please contact us for ways that your business or community organization can support this event or download the sponsorship packet here.

ILACSD plans to:

  • Conduct an extensive amount of media coverage for the event through television, print, radio, and Internet outlets
  • Market the event to its annual base of 30,000 volunteers and over 4,000 social media followers
  • Promote through ILACSD's e-newsletter that reaches over 17,000 County residents
  • Promote the event on the ILACSD website which is accessed by countless environmental enthusiasts, businesses, schools, and families throughout the region

Visit the Creek to Bay website to learn more about this event!

Our 2014 Sponsors

  • Bank of America
  • City of Escondido Recycling
  • City of Escondido Utilities Department
  • Cities of Chula Vista, Encinitas, Imperial Beach, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, San Marcos
  • City of San Diego - Think Blue
  • City of SD - CPPS
  • County of san diego - Community Enhancement
  • County of SD Watershed
  • Dudek
  • ecoATM
  • General Dynamics NASSCO
  • Port of San Diego
  • RBF Consulting
  • REI
  • Rubio's
  • SD Regional Airport Authority
  • SeaWorld
  • Walmart
  • Wells Fargo Bank
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Kids' Ocean Day

Each Spring, ILACSD partners with the California Coastal Commission to coordinate San Diego County’s Kids' Ocean Day event. This program provides interactive presentations about pollution prevention and marine ecosystems to thousands of local students. Students are then invited to participate in a field trip to the beach to take part in a cleanup event and an aerial art formation in the sand. The aerial art image helps the students send a larger message to the San Diego community that clean oceans are a vital part our livelihood and we need to do our part to protect them. In 2015, ILACSD & the California Coastal Commission coordinated the first-ever bi-national Kids' Ocean Day Event!

The program teaches students the dangers of pollution in our marine ecosystems and the important role they play in helping keep our beaches clean.

This video from a past ILACSD Kids' Ocean Day shows the process of creating a human aerial art piece!

Kids Ocean Day 2012

Our 2015 Sponsors

  • Jack in the Box Foundation
  • Qualcomm Foundation
  • California Coastal Commission
  • Please contact us for ways that your business or community organization can support this event!

    Clean Beach Coalition

     photo website_full_bin_zps273c50c8.jpg

    The San Diego Clean Beach Coalition (SDCBC) is a collaboration of local non-profit organizations and city agencies focused on coastal stewardship, raising awareness of beach litter issues and preventing marine debris. This summer over popular holiday weekends, hundreds of thousands of beachgoers head to the beaches and bays for some fun in the sun over their holiday weekend. Over Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day holidays weekends, the coalition places 200 temporary trash and recycling bins directly on the sand at Ocean Beach, Mission Beach and Bay, and Pacific Beach to meet the demand from locals and tourists alike that flocked to the coast over the long weekend.

    Let’s keep the tradition going in 2015!! The Clean Beach Coalition is looking for community minded sponsors to support this valuable program. If you would like to become a 2015 Clean Beach Coalition sponsor, contact Natalie Roberts at I Love A Clean San Diego. More information is available in the sponsorship packet, including levels of giving and associated benefits. As a Clean Beach Coalition sponsor, you have the only opportunity in San Diego to advertise directly on the beach, where your logo will be seen by hundreds of thousands of beachgoers! Whether you swim, surf, sunbathe, or bbq, keep the beaches you love clean and healthy to preserve your San Diego lifestyle all summer long!

    Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day

    California Coastal Cleanup Day California Coastal Cleanup Day (CCD) is the largest single-day volunteer event in support of the marine environment and is also part of the International Coastal Cleanup, which includes all 50 states and over 100 countries worldwide. The mission of Coastal Cleanup Day is to:

    • engage residents to remove trash and debris from our local beaches and waterways
    • identify the sources of debris
    • ultimately change the behaviors that cause pollution

    California Coastal Cleanup Day, San Diego CountyCCD is unique because of its data collection. After years of collecting data on the specific types of marine debris being found, CCD data now focuses on the activities that cause the debris. We compile, analyze, and track this data to identify the activities and general sources of the debris. The final information is used to educate the public, businesses, industry, and government officials about the problem of debris.

    In addition to educating participants, CCD’s message of stewardship reaches a very large and diverse audience through extensive television, radio and newspaper coverage. Tens of thousands of television viewers in San Diego are affected by the image of volunteers spending the day cleaning the beaches and by interviews with event organizers who drive the pollution prevention message home to viewers. This also holds true for newspaper readers and radio listeners.

    Why Support Coastal Cleanup Day?

    California Coastal Cleanup DayThe San Diego coastline is one of the most magnificent in the world, yet each year tons of garbage ends up on our beaches and in the ocean.  CCD empowers citizens to not only accept responsibility for the environmental impacts occurring in their community, but to also take hands-on action to remove the debris and alleviate this pollution problem.  Debris that is not collected may end up in the oceans where it endangers marine life and is harmful to human health.

    In 2014, 7,500 volunteers removed a record breaking amount of 102 tons of trash and recyclables from San Diego’s eleven watersheds!

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    Coastal Cleanup Day Sponsorship Opportunities & Benefits

    ILACSD request that you consider supporting your community and the environment by becoming a sponsor of California Coastal Cleanup Day. Please contact us for ways that your business or community organization can support our region's largest environmental volunteer event or download the sponsorship packet here.

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    About the Event Organizers

    I Love A Clean San Diego began coordinating Coastal Cleanup Day locally in 1987, just two years after the inception of the statewide cleanup. ILACSD works collaboratively with the statewide coordinator, the California Coastal Commission, to coordinate close to 100 coastal and inland cleanups throughout San Diego County. As this partnership continues to grow, we are engaging more and more San Diegans in protecting and restoring the waterways that are so central to our way of life. 

    I Love A Clean San Diego


    Through outreach, community involvement and example, I Love A Clean San Diego leads and educates our community to actively conserve and enhance the environment. ILACSD is a pioneering leader in encouraging environemtnal awareness close to home. Founded in 1954, ILACSD began by fighting litter. Today, ILACSD is the go-to organization for programs that enhance the quality of life by caring for the natural environment. Known best for its beach cleanups, ILACSD currently spearheads a number of environmental education and pollution prevention initiatives.

    The California Coastal Commission

    The California Coastal CommissionThe Coastal Commission's mission is to ‘Protect, conserve, restore, and enhance environmental and human-based resources of the California coast and ocean for environmentally sustainable and prudent use by current and future generations.’  The Commission, in partnership with coastal cities and counties, plans and regulates the use of land and water in the coastal zone, including construction of buildings, divisions of land, and activities that change the intensity of use of land or public access to coastal waters.  Among its many programs, the Commission is the statewide event coordinator for CCD.

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    Our 2014 Sponsors

    • 22nd Agricultural Association
    • Anheuser Busch
    • BAE
    • Booz Allen Hamilton
    • California Coastal Commission
    • City of Escondido Recycling
    • City of Escondido Utilities
    • City of La Mesa
    • Macy's
    • Alaskan Brewery
    • Sanyo
    • SeaWorld
    • City of La Mesa
    • City of San Diego - Think Blue
    • County of San Diego Districts 1, 3, 4
    • Cox Communications
    • Dmax engineering
    • Dog Beach Dog Wash
    • General Dynamics NASSCO
    • Harrah's Resort Southern California
    • Lincoln Military Housing
    • Lowe's - Keep America Beautiful
    • Macy's
    • Ocean Foundation
    • Qualcomm
    • REI
    • San Diego County Water Authority
    • Sanyo/Panasonic
    • SD County Regional Airport Authority
    • SDG&E
    • SeaWorld
    • Sony
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