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Education Overview

Welcome to the Education Department!  At I Love A Clean San Diego, we believe that education provides the inspiration and incentive for behavioral change – change that will positively impact our regional environment and minimize our community’s ecological footprint. 

We aim to provide quality education on issues such as:

  • Waste reduction
  • Recycling
  • Resource conservation
  • Proper disposal of household hazardous waste
  • Storm water pollution prevention 

Each year we offer presentations that reach thousands of students.  In 2013, ILACSD educators provided 537 presentations to over 28,000 San Diego County students, teachers, and adults! 

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I Love A Clean San Diego (ILACSD) conducts environmental education programs for elementary, middle, and high schools, youth groups, adult organizations, and local businesses. ILACSD’s Education Department uses a variety of media, such as PowerPoint presentations, storytelling, and hands-on demonstrations to augment classroom learning.  The media used depends upon the setting, size, and age of the audience. Learn more.



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Having a Community Event?

2009Each year we attend numerous community events such as fairs, concerts, car shows, farmer’s markets, and more, allowing us the opportunity to provide information to the general public on issues such as used motor oil recycling, waste reduction, and proper disposal of household hazardous waste.  Learn more.


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